Optimal Daylight Solutions

Intelligent daylight control for high performance buildings, maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.

People need more daylight in their lives

We are wired to be outside, yet we spend 90% of our time indoors, affecting our overall wellbeing.

We bring daylight to the workspace

Transforming the work environment to energize people and boost productivity.

Optimizing daylight through innovative systems

Improve overall building performance, through automated sun-tracking systems.





  • 20% energy savings
  • up to 6x higher daylight autonomy
  • up to 40% less disturbing glare
  • up to 40% more unobstructed view
  • Uniform blind positioning
  • Affordable solutions

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Kindow Benefits

discover our state-of-the art blinds

Kindow Rollers outsmart every existing solution. Our Rollers transform workspaces and energize people. Our unique sun tracking system finds the ultimate balance of daylight and view. Watch our productvideo and discover how our Rollers empower daylight to your benefit and well-being!

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