Optimal Daylight Solutions

Intelligent daylight control for high performance buildings, maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.

People need more daylight in their lives

We are wired to be outside, yet we spend 90% of our time indoors, affecting our overall wellbeing.

We bring daylight to the workspace

Transforming the work environment to energize people and boost productivity.

Optimizing daylight through innovative systems

Improve overall building performance, through automated sun-tracking systems.





  • 15-25% energy savings
  • up to 6x higher daylight autonomy
  • up to 40% less disturbing glare
  • up to 40% more unobstructed view
  • Uniform blind positioning
  • Affordable solutions

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1. Does you building have a glass facade / glass curtain wall?

We are committed to bringing optimal daylight to your space. Our Daylight Solutions are designed specifically for buildings with large glass facades, dealing with issues like overheating and glare. 

2. What's the size of your glass facade / glass curtain wall?

Currently our solutions are best implemented and have the highest results in glass facades over 100 square meters. Although we do make exceptions for extraordinary cases!

3. What's the height of your windows?

Measuring only the glass surface from top to bottom.

4. What is the purpose of your building?

Currently our systems are most suitable for office and health care environments.

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UPCOMING (JANUARY 2021) Location: Diegem, Brussels (BE) Solution: Kindow Rollers World leading tech company 3M chose Kindow Rollers for their new European HQ near Brussels! The building’s distinctive glass facade provides a sleek and transparent appearance and of...


UPCOMING (OCTOBER 2020) Location: Maasdijk Solution: Kindow Verticals DOOR has chosen Kindow Verticals for their new and iconic company headquarters. The building is characterized by its high glass curtain wall, bringing transparency and daylight to the work floor....

Westland Accountancy

UPCOMING (DECEMBER 2020) Location: Naaldwijk Solution: Kindow Rollers We have been commissioned by Westland Accountancy to provide their new office with Kindow Rollers. The main reason for their choice is the convenience and comfort of the automatic Kindow control and...

VDH Solar

UPCOMING (MAY 2020) Location: Hazerswoude-Dorp Solution: Kindow Rollers The new VDH Solar office consists largely of glass. Beautiful, high windows provide an abundance of daylight. It will be our task to organize daylight optimally for the people who will work here...

Dura Vermeer

UPCOMING (JUNE) Location: Utrecht Solution: Kindow Rollers Kindow joined forces with PHYSEE! Together we are realizing the first integration of Kindow sun and daylight control with the SmartSkin solution by PHYSEE. Our joint project will be realized in the new Dura...

The Line

Located along the A59 highway in Nieuwkuijk you’ll find the characteristic, mostly glass building of The Line, surrounded by water and with a dynamic view.
Our Kindow Verticals have established a strongly improved indoor climate and the people at the The Line can now enjoy daylight and view, without undesirable glare and overheating. Moreover, our automated suntracking results in a professional, uniform appearance for the building.


The brand new office building of Orangeworks Process Professionals has opened its doors in August 2019. Kindow Verticals were incorporated into the building design as an integral part of the climatization. Besides daylight control the Kindow Verticals were implemented to improve acoustics as well. The Kindow rail is subtly integrated and creates perfect synergy with the ceiling and the large glass windows.

Melis Logistics

Since May 2019 Melis Logistics has settled into their new office building in Duiven, their beautifully designed glass facade consists entirely out of glass. The sun was causing problems though and led to undesirable high temperatures on sunny days. Therefore Melis was looking for an effective and feasible solution to implement into their existing situation. The Kindow Verticals, with highly reflective blinds, proved to be the working solution. Daylight is now regulated optimally so Melis’ people can still enjoy the view while energy costs for cooling have declined.

Verkade Klimaat

Verkade Klimaat was Kindows launching customer. A beautifully designed office building, where daylight and spaciousness were top priorities! Our system could prove its potential here while being combined with the latest technologies in climate control. Verkade Klimaat decided to work with Kindow even though our product was still a concept and needed to be developed alongside the construction of their building! They chose Kindow because they wanted an indoor shading system and our vertical blind-system matched the facade design perfectly. A bold decision but no regrets.

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