Development & Integration


Our products consist of both a physical and an intelligence component that we both create in our workshop/office. Through developing hardware and embedded software in-house we are able to offer a stand-alone automated daylight optimization system. Currently we offer blind systems (rollers and verticals) that integrate with local project infrastructures. In the near future our local solutions will be interacting and interconnected through cloud applications.

Finished development projects

  • Automated vertical and roller blind systems
  • Solar and battery powered rail systems
  • Integration with local project infrastructure
  • Gateway to building management system
  • Several precision sensors like low-light / cloud detection and temperature

Projects in progress

  • Extend and refine control algorithm
  • Cloud server applications
  • Solar powered systems and data
  • Integration with other smart building platforms
  • Integration with Physee power window


We develop optimal daylight solutions in-house with our passionate and driven development team, consisting of electronic and software engineers. All prototyping is done in our workshop after which they are tested in our very own south-oriented office at Yes!Delft. We work together with partners for the design and production of parts/components. For quality assurance purposes we take care of assembly ourselves!

Premium control

Kindow blind systems can be installed as a stand alone solution, optimizing daylight with our basic control, switches and sensors. We are currently also working a cloud-based solution. Linking Kindow systems to the cloud will enable ‘premium control’, a more refined control on the basis of weather data and forecasting. Premium control also includes the monitoring of system status, health and usage remotely. The result is a refined, self-learning and updating system. Cloud connection also allows for the integration with other smart building platforms working towards fully integrated climate control systems.