Smart Buildings
are people centered,
not technology

our Kindow Innovation

All our innovation efforts in terms of development, integration and knowledge/research are geared towards our mission to transform workplaces around the world, bringing daylight to energize people.

Our buildings need to be smart in order to energize people. At Kindow we believe that buildings are truly smart when they establish a human centric environment, maximizing health and productivity while minimizing the running costs. It should not be about technical features and apps, but about intelligent automation facilitating the people, their health and comfort, without them having to worry about it.

We focus our efforts on optimizing daylight optimization, but we are aware that daylight is only one of many parameters involved in optimizing indoor climate. True impact is realized in the combination and integration of smart climate control systems also optimizing air quality, temperature, acoustics e.a. Therefore lots of our current efforts go into the integration of our solutions with building management systems, smart building platforms and other smart building applications. In that sense, Kindow truly believes in partnerships, and is always open to new opportunities and collaborations.
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Our products consist of both a physical and an intelligence component that we both create in our workshop/office. Through developing hardware and embedded software in-house we are able to offer a stand-alone automated daylight optimization system.


Our systems can be installed as a stand alone solution, optimizing daylight with our basic control, switches and sensors. We are now working on a cloud-based solution: linking Kindow systems to the cloud will enable ‘premium control’, a more refined control on the basis of weather data and forecasting.

Knowledge & Research

Since Kindow was founded we have worked closely together with the Building Energy Performance group of the TU Eindhoven. They base their research on advanced computational building simulation models to quantify the impact of intelligent sun and daylight control systems on the quality of the indoor climate and on energy performance.

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Featured IN…

Hoffmann Quality Tools

  Location: Borne Solution: Kindow Rollers The new state of the art building of Hoffmann Quality Tools in Borne, is now equipped with our daylight control solution; Kindow Rollers. We maximize comfort, energy efficiency and uniform appearance of all three floors....


  Location: Maasdijk Solution: Kindow Verticals DOOR has chosen Kindow Verticals for their new and iconic company headquarters. The building is characterized by its high glass curtain wall, bringing transparency and daylight to the work floor. Our verticals will...

Westland Accountancy

  Location: Naaldwijk Solution: Kindow Rollers We have been commissioned by Westland Accountancy to provide their new office with Kindow Rollers. The main reason for their choice is the convenience and comfort of the automatic Kindow control and the uniform...

VDH Solar

  Location: Hazerswoude-Dorp Solution: Kindow Rollers The new VDH Solar office consists largely of glass. Beautiful, high windows provide an abundance of daylight. It will be our task to organize daylight optimally for the people who will work here every day. VDH...

Dura Vermeer

  Location: Utrecht Solution: Kindow Rollers Kindow joined forces with PHYSEE! Together we are realizing the first integration of Kindow sun and daylight control with the SmartSkin solution by PHYSEE. Our joint project will be realized in the new Dura Vermeer...

The Line

Located along the A59 highway in Nieuwkuijk you’ll find the characteristic, mostly glass building of The Line, surrounded by water and with a dynamic view.
Our Kindow Verticals have established a strongly improved indoor climate and the people at the The Line can now enjoy daylight and view, without undesirable glare and overheating. Moreover, our automated suntracking results in a professional, uniform appearance for the building.


The brand new office building of Orangeworks Process Professionals has opened its doors in August 2019. Kindow Verticals were incorporated into the building design as an integral part of the climatization. Besides daylight control the Kindow Verticals were implemented to improve acoustics as well. The Kindow rail is subtly integrated and creates perfect synergy with the ceiling and the large glass windows.

Melis Logistics

Since May 2019 Melis Logistics has settled into their new office building in Duiven, their beautifully designed glass facade consists entirely out of glass. The sun was causing problems though and led to undesirable high temperatures on sunny days. Therefore Melis was looking for an effective and feasible solution to implement into their existing situation. The Kindow Verticals, with highly reflective blinds, proved to be the working solution. Daylight is now regulated optimally so Melis’ people can still enjoy the view while energy costs for cooling have declined.

Verkade Klimaat

Verkade Klimaat was Kindows launching customer. A beautifully designed office building, where daylight and spaciousness were top priorities! Our system could prove its potential here while being combined with the latest technologies in climate control. Verkade Klimaat decided to work with Kindow even though our product was still a concept and needed to be developed alongside the construction of their building! They chose Kindow because they wanted an indoor shading system and our vertical blind-system matched the facade design perfectly. A bold decision but no regrets.