Our take on global challenges

The world we live and work in everyday deals with challenges of a proportion we can’t ignore. In the creation of our daylight systems we aim to take a part in the solution to some of the worlds issues today. Our impact:

  • Minimizing the effect of buildings on climate change
  • Contributing to human performance in buildings
  • Supporting human physical and mental health
  • Providing economically viable solutions
  • Reducing the exhaustion of environmental resources

Minimizing the effect of buildings on climate change

Buildings are accountable for roughly 40% of all energy consumption worldwide. Since energy consumption is directly correlated with CO2 emissions, achieving energy efficiency of buildings is essential in fighting climate change. Operating in the built environment, we create solutions that minimize the damaging effect of buildings on our planet. Our intelligent daylight control systems substantially improve energy performance by saving up to 20% of energy for cooling heating & lighting.

Contributing to the health and performance of people

Apart from substantial energy savings, we bring 65% more daylight to the workplace compared to standard motorized sun shading systems. Daylight is an essential factor in establishing a healthy and productive indoor climate. Considering a business’ most expensive and important asset is its people, investing in a healthy and productive indoor climate makes sense even from a mere economic perspective.

Supporting human physical and mental health

People are wired to be outside and in contact with nature, yet we spend about 90% of our time indoors in an artificial environment. This reality has a huge impact on our overall well being! At Kindow we believe that the first and utmost purpose of a building is to facilitate people and their health and productivity. Daylight has a strong influence on concentration and productivity, lowering stress hormones, improving overall health and even enhancing the circadian sleep cycle. Our systems optimize daylight in the workspace, contributing to reduced sick leave and healthy, happy people.

Providing economically viable solutions

Any economically driven business will invest in solutions that are either cost competitive or have a quick return on investment. Our wish is to create fast impact and to make that possible we have had a cost-efficiency focus from the very beginning. In doing so we have created a solution that has a higher performance than standard motorized sun shading, yet is cost competitive: the investment in our systems is equal or lower, yet offering unique features like automated suntracking. And with a return in energy and people efficiency.

Reducing the exhaustion of environmental resources

At Kindow we aim to create solutions that are easily serviceable, replaceable and conscious
of material recyclability and circularity. Today 73% of energy is still generated through the exhaustion of fossil fuels. At the same time other environmental resources are used excessively for production purposes. Apart from striving for energy efficiency of buildings, we are dedicated to build durable hardware. Our systems are easily re- and demountable for replacement and recycling of loose components, to ensure long-term use.