Kindow Support Grid

The installation of Kindow sun and daylight control has many advantages over installing standard motorized and automated blind systems. We have developed our own smart sensor and power supply infrastructure that enables low cost installation and rules out any additional cost for the e-installer in your project.
Kindow only needs one standard socket every 60 systems! The rest is taken care off by Kindow as part of our overall, all-in-one solution for optimal daylight control! 

How this works

Project offerings with standard motorized blinds usually have a huge blind spot; the infrastructure required to deliver power and data to the systems. Standard motorized blinds are sold and mounted separately, the e-installer has to take care of the power supply for each single system. Furthermore the e-installer has to take care of the automated control, having to install a separate grid for data to each single system and having to install many additional components like motor relais and controllers, buildings controllers, outdoor weather stations, sensors etc. Finally the automated control has to be programmed centrally through the BMS. This ultimately leads to considerable additional costs while functionality remains limited.

At Kindow we take a different approach and deliver an overall, all-in-one solution that really delivers optimal daylight control! Besides our Rollers and Verticals we deliver the support grid as well, including our own low voltage power supply and low power cabling alongside the facade. Supplying both power and data over the same thin line. We also deliver an install  our own wireless daylight sensors, wireless button switches and our BMS gateways. 

We can connect up to 60 Rollers or Verticals to one power supply. All we need from the e-installer is a standard socket near the building facade. From there, Kindow takes care of all further installation and commissioning. Our blinds run as a stand-alone solution, non dependent on the BMS our a cloud connection. They can however be connected to the building management system and its room controllers to enhance controls.

Kindow Stand-alone Solution

kindow_support grid stand alone

wireless daylight sensor

Wireless daylight sensor
Kindow will place daylight sensors directly behind the glazing to measure light intensity and recognize bright and overcast sky conditions for balancing daylight transmission and glare control.

wireless button switch
Wireless button switch
Per room Kindow will install a wireless button switch to the wall or to a desk. Building users can overrule our automated control using this switch. Overnight our automated control will take over again. 

Kindow Integrated Solution

kindow support grid integrated solution