Melis Logistics

  • Location: Duiven
  • Scope: 332 m2
  • Solution: Kindow Verticals

Since May 2019 Melis Logistics has settled into their new office building in Duiven, their beautifully designed glass facade consists entirely out of glass. The sun was causing problems though and led to undesirable high temperatures on sunny days. Therefore Melis was looking for an effective and feasible solution to implement into their existing situation. The Kindow Verticals, with highly reflective blinds, proved to be the working solution. Daylight is now regulated optimally so Melis’ people can still enjoy the view while energy costs for cooling have declined.

“We were experiencing issues with sunlight and heat in the office, especially the changing temperatures throughout the days were a problem for our employees. We were looking for a system that would keep the heat out and that we didn’t have to manage ourselves. We now have an automated system by Kindow: vertical blinds that follow the sun. The temperature is more consistent and we don’t have issues with glare, without having to touch it at all. Plus, we are saving energy costs!”

Marwin Melis

Owner, Melis Logistics

Our product values:

We design Elegant & Subtle products

We produce Solid & Durable systems

We develop Intelligent & Profound solutions

We bring Comfort & Mindspace to the user

We contribute to Lively & Natural atmospheres