MTS Euro Products

  • Location: Maassluis
  • Solution: Kindow Rollers

Kindow Rollers are selected for the new office from MTS Euro Product, a company that manufactures and import hygiene products. The property provides an warehouse and the international headquarters of the company. 

MTS Euro Products has environmental awareness as a high priority. This is also reflected in the choice of a new office with BREEAM Excellent certification. A project approach according to BREEAM NL was chosen early on in the preparations, which fits perfectly with the characteristics of Kindow Rollers.

Thanks to the intelligent sun and daylight control, a fifth of energy can be saved for cooling, heating and lighting, On top of that Kindow Rollers will offer maximum comfort.


Our product values:

We design Elegant & Subtle products

We produce Solid & Durable systems

We develop Intelligent & Profound solutions

We bring Comfort & Mindspace to the user

We contribute to Lively & Natural atmospheres