Pleijsier Bouw

  • Location: Nijkerk
  • Solution: Kindow Rollers

Next to the A28 highway construction company Pleijsier Bouw build its new headquarters. The building is a light and open office, divided into two floors.

The office has highest sustainability standards to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. Next to this the office contributes to a better living and working environment for employees and visitors through an improved and healthy climate. Our Kindow Rollers are always positioned for optimal daylight. This way the employees of Pleijsier Bouw get more daylight, for more lively & natural atmospheres and a better comfort.

Our product values:

We design Elegant & Subtle products

We produce Solid & Durable systems

We develop Intelligent & Profound solutions

We bring Comfort & Mindspace to the user

We contribute to Lively & Natural atmospheres