Verkade Klimaat

  • Location: Wateringen
  • Scope: 327 m2
  • Solution: Kindow Verticals

Verkade Klimaat was Kindows launching customer. A beautifully designed office building, where daylight and spaciousness were top priorities! Our system could prove its potential here while being combined with the latest technologies in climate control. Verkade Klimaat decided to work with Kindow even though our product was still a concept and needed to be developed alongside the construction of their building! They chose Kindow because they wanted an indoor shading system and our vertical blind-system matched the facade design perfectly. A bold decision but no regrets:

“We have been working with Kindow Verticals for two years now and we advise our customers to work with their systems as well.”

Thomas Collignon

Director of utilities, Verkade Klimaat

Our product values:

We design Elegant & Subtle products

We produce Solid & Durable systems

We develop Intelligent & Profound solutions

We bring Comfort & Mindspace to the user

We contribute to Lively & Natural atmospheres