Kindow for your building?

We have put together a one-minute survey to find out wether Kindow Solutions are a fit for your building.
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1. Does you building have a glass facade / glass curtain wall?

We are committed to bringing optimal daylight to your space. Our Daylight Solutions are designed specifically for buildings with large glass facades, dealing with issues like overheating and glare. 

2. What's the size of your glass facade / glass curtain wall?

Currently our solutions are best implemented and have the highest results in glass facades over 100 square meters. Although we do make exceptions for extraordinary cases!

3. What's the height of your windows?

Measuring only the glass surface from top to bottom.

4. What is the purpose of your building?

Currently our systems are most suitable for office and health care environments.

May we send you more information based on your survey result?

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