Intelligent Daylight Solutions are essential to the smart & healthy workspace.


Our optimal daylight solutions can improve the energy efficiency of your building substantially (15- 25% saving on cooling, heating and lighting). It can also improve daylighting levels upto 65% and enhance visual comfort by reducing glare, altogether resulting in better health and productivity of the people inside.


With our optimal daylight solutions, people don’t have to worry about, and spend time on blind control anymore, the blinds will do exactly what they are supposed to do. In any case though, people will have the possibility to overrule the automated system.


Kindow blind control guarantees a uniform blind positioning, giving the building a neat and professional appearance.


Kindow Solutions enable you to meet energy performance targets and supports in a positive outcome when applying for sustainability labels.


Kindow daylighting systems will add substantial value while remaining affordable: the costs are similar to standard motorized blind systems.

Typical issues

  • Glare – visual discomfort
  • Overheating – thermal discomfort
  • Lack of daylight – unhealthy environment
  • Energy inefficiency – unnecessary costs
  • Messy appearance – unprofessional image

Our solutions…

  • Block direct sunlight
  • Reflect solar heat
  • Allow diffuse daylight
  • Save energy for heating, cooling & lighting
  • Position blinds uniformly
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Our goal is to optimize daylight for your building. We aim to become a part of your climate control system, as well as your building’s design concept. We will advise in the right system for your project, depending on architectural features and window size. Apart from the system itself, we advise in the right shading fabric to enable the required performance. The fabric can be of your personal choice as well.

Kindow takes care and full responsibility for the realization of your daylight control system. We promise to:

  • Deliver, install and commission your system ourselves.
  • Take care of the sensors, cabling and power supply.
  • Link our smart control to other smart building applications relevant to your project as much as possible.
  • Fit the daylight control strategy to your needs and will optimize it once the building is already in operation.


You are more then welcome to consult your project with us. Or to plan a visit to one of our reference projects!

Kindow Benefits

The Line:

“What a fantastic system, everyone in the office is enthusiastic!”

Hans Hagendoorn
Owner, The Line Agency

Verkade Klimaat:

“We have been working with Kindow Verticals for two years now and we advise our customers to work with their systems as well.”

Thomas Collignon
Director of utilities, Verkade Klimaat

Featured IN…

At Kindow we develop intelligent sun- and daylight control to optimize daylight and increase the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings. Our impact? 20% savings on cooling, heating and lighting, calculated by our knowledge partner the Technical University of Eindhoven.